Happy Galentine’s Day!

galentine's day

Parks and Recreation is one of my all-time favourite shows, but one big reason why I love them is because they have created holidays/mantras that have made a lasting impact on the world in an awesome way. Besides Treat Yo Self (my daily mantra, rather than their yearly day), I am a big worshipper of the celebrate-your-best-ladies day, Galentine’s Day, which is officially today, February 13.

Now that I’m more into paper crafting, the opportunity to decorate a party for my friends for our now-annual pink and red affair is very tempting. My apartment isn’t well laid out for a party (one of my biggest annoyances lately, I have so many party ideas!), so my friend hosts. It’s not waffles at a restaurant, but we all bring each other candies and cute little things and then we order pizza. It’s the best. This was our second year celebrating.

I’ve been working on my decor for a few weeks, so here’s what it added up to.

galentine's day

Doughnuts from Jelly Modern with cute toothpick-heart toppers…

galentine's day

Scrapbook paper cards and this awesome conversation heart bunting printable

galentine's day

Scrapbook paper bunting fit well with my pal’s home decor!

galentine's day

Made a little chalkboard reservation sign, made watercolour place cards, dip-dyed goodie bagsconstruction paper roses

galentine's day

Another pal made these. Appropriate.

galentine's day

Everyone brought each other so many goodies!! We were squealing for at least fifteen minutes. I finally got my first Muji pen and notebook! And yes, I did make myself my own goodies.

galentine's dayAnd I also tried out my new sewing machine to make those hanging heart garlands.

So, ta-da! I’m already excited for next year. Gal/Valentine’s is my favourite holiday to decorate for.

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  • Nichole

    You are such an inspiration! Everything looks fab and oh-so beautiful.

  • I am obsessed with Parks and Recreation, too. Love Treat Yo Self;) Thank you so much for sharing and using my conversation heart banner … it looks so cute, as does everything here!

    • papertraildiary

      Yay! Thanks for making it!

  • Fab

    Amazing! I don’t think I’ve ever been to a party as wonderfully set up as this one. I love every detail of it, it’s incredible what you’ve done with your room 🙂 Now if I’ll ever need to throw a party, I know who to contact for decorations advice 😀