Stationery Spotlight: the Well Inked subscription box

well inked box via paper trail diary

As we know, I’m a huge fan of notebooks and pens. So I was delighted to find out that one of the participants in my recent Notebook & Pen Swap was one of the organizers of the Well Inked Box — a Canadian-run subscription box for just those things! They run quarterly, and include a notebook and 3-5 other items like pens, pencils, highlighters, etc.

Here’s what their website has to say:

We are a quarterly subscription box which features creative supplies delivered to your door. Our goal is to encourage creators in various disciplines to step out of the digital realm, put pen to paper, and develop their creative vision. We want to provide you with the basics like you’ve never seen them before; notebooks, pens, pencils and more that will leave you asking why didn’t I know this was out there?”

Whether you’re a designer, an artist, a writer, or someone who simply likes to experiment, our goal is to curate a box that will allow you to try your hand at a variety of creative practices and encourage you to use supplies in new ways.

I was lucky to receive a box and you can too! Check out what I got, and then enter our contest to win one yourself.

well inked box via paper trail diary well inked box via paper trail diary

I was excited to see what I got — I thought the mini list notebooks were handy, and it was nice getting three because I could give one to my partner. And I like using the Uniball pen – I haven’t found a Uniball pen I’ve liked maybe ever! Since I have Muji here in Toronto, getting one of their pens wasn’t as thrilling as if I lived somewhere that didn’t have a Muji. But guys, Muji pens are the best. I also do love a good Tombow brush pen. I rarely use highlighters, but it is good to know of ones that last longer than most. I think this box would do well for those who live in areas that don’t have a lot of paper supplies around, or for the kind of people who are more spontaneous with what they use. I spend too much time in supply stores 😉 I appreciated the note they included in the box that gave some more context and ideas for each items, too!

Want to win this box? Comment below about what you like to use notebooks and pens for, and I will pick a winner at random on Wednesday, November 1.

  • Kim Patrick

    I like to track and make plans for everything, from my budget, to books I’ve read, movies I’ve seen, Christmas lists – you name it – I use all sorts of notebooks to keep me organized! Wonderful giveaway. I love reading your blog as well!

  • Cherie Hauca

    I would like to start a grateful journal! I used to love to draw and doodle when I was younger! I’d like to highlight the positive, silly or amazing things I see and experience when they occur!thanks for the chance!

  • I journal, take notes, create collections, and basically record memories 😉

  • Audra Richards

    I keep a daily journal plus I use dotted notebooks for family recipe books and to keep track of genealogical information.

  • Anke

    I would made wonderful pattern drawings with them …. but First i would Look at them and just enjoy Now Beautiful this box is!

  • Mary Rajotte

    I’m a writer so I’m always scribbling notes. I’d love these journals to keep track of my ideas! Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Laurie Burns

    Everything! I carry one notebook and pen in my purse at all times. Writing gratitude lists, notes for things to do later and poems when the mood strikes me. I also teach English to immigrants so I am always making notes during class!

  • Cassandra Warren

    Oh gosh, everything! I’m an illustrator, tattooer, zinester.. I’m constantly drawing and taking notes on every paper near me.

  • Sara Princiotta

    I have a notebook on me at all times! For lists, sketches, notes, reminders and just because notebooks make me happy. I like how you suggest a box like this would be good for people who don’t have access to variety. That is pretty much my situation!

    • Hey Sara! In case you’re interested in signing up you can use code FIRST15 for a 15% discount on your first box!

  • Miranda

    I’m constantly making to do lists at home, writing down places to go, things to do and places to go… there’s a list for everything! And at work I’m known for carrying my notebook everywhere I go…

  • Dana F

    I love little notebooks in my bag for little lists and meandering thoughts, dreams and ideas that pop into my head and information of the people and connections I make along the way. (And I dearly miss the variety of Toronto stationery shops. They are a rarity here in Edmonton)

    • Hello fellow Edmontonian! Just wanted to let you know you can use code EDMONTON to get free shipping of your box within the city!

  • Melanie Godecki

    I swear I have a million notebooks each with their own purpose! Hat ideas, Halloween costume ideas, Christmas gift lists, fave Toronto things…!
    And then other notebooks just for lists to keep my brain together, lol.

  • Kaley Stewart

    I have a notebook going throughout the year for all sorts of random things but the main thing is keeping track of what books I read every month. Maybe I could dedicate a notebook to just that and an old fashioned tracking system for genres and pages read. I’ve already been tracking number of books by Canadians/women/men/diverse authors this year. And the pens would be great for sending out even more happy mail to friends!
    Thanks for the chance! I definitely fall into the category of someone who doesn’t have awesome stationary stores nearby 🙂

    • We want to make sure our subscribers get access to amazing supplies they can’t pick up at their local big box store, so we are always on the lookout for fun brands to team up with!

  • It’s a dream to have such a subscription for all us pen & notebook addicts, right?

    Im planning for next year right now so that’s what I’d like to do in those notebooks!

    Cheers & happy November!

    • Thanks iHanna! If we’re being totally honest we started the box for ourselves so we could call all of our purchases “market testing.”

  • I’m on the road a lot for work so I would use one for work notes, one for a personal journal, and the third for doodles and sketches! And we always need extra pens on hand!