Sign up for the 2018 Notebook and Pen Swap!

notebook and pen swap 2018

Now’s the time to sign up for this year’s Notebook and Pen Swap! I love how much you guys love this swap, and I’m so excited to see what everyone gets!

We all love a good notebook and pen. New tools like these are a great way to refresh creativity, find comfort, or take notes of opportunities. I know a lot of you are like me, in that we hoard pretty notebooks and pens, but I am of the mind that there’s no wrong in adding another pair to the collection here and there. 😉

Check out the #notebookpenswap tag on Instagram for photos on previous swaps!

Want to participate? Just fill out the form below! But first, please read these notes:

  • Yes it’s literally swapping a notebook and a pen with someone. I will make pairs of all the participants and it’s up to you to send your partner a nice package tailored to their preferences.
  • In the form, you’ll be asked about your preferences, so that your partner has lots to work with when looking for you!
  • Keep shipping costs in consideration. The heavier/bulkier the notebook, the more someone could pay in shipping.
  • Keep your notebook purchase to around $20. Pens usually vary but $5 is a pretty good cap, I’d say. No need to go out and buy someone a quill!
  • Some people like to include other little gifts in their packages. This is not required and is up to the shipper.
  • The notebooks and pens need to be new and unused.
  • It’s preferred if you can get tracking on your package, but understandable if you can’t afford it.
  • Only sign up if you know you can commit to the timeline and costs. It is super frustrating when someone joins and gets a package, but doesn’t send their partner one. On this note, I reserve the right to deny someone’s participation if I have reason to be unsure of their commitment.


  • Sign up closes on Friday, October 12. It will then take a few days for me to match everyone and send out emails. Please do not message me saying you signed up and haven’t heard back before then. I don’t have time to respond to everyone – you will hear from me! If you haven’t heard from me by October 19, then you can check in (and check your spam folders).
  • You should pop your swap in the post by Monday, October 29. Please email your partner if you cannot do so by then.

Remember to share on social! Use the hashtag #notebookpenswap!