30 Days of Mail

30 days of mail

So it’s not the first day of September, whatever, but there are plenty of days left in the month to celebrate all things postal with my pal Winged Snail Mail‘s 30 Days of Mail challenge! And don’t forget to use #30Mail if you are posting on social media.

Here are your tasks:

1 – Ready to hit send on that email? Send the message via snail mail instead.

2 – Send an intro letter to a potential pen friend.

3 – Sign up for postcrossing and send some postcards out into the world.

4 – DIY an envelope.

5 – Read a mail themed book or zine. (ed note: my suggestions for book and zine.)

6 – Mail in a submission for the wingedsnailmail.tumblr zine.

7 – Be a tourist in your home town. Send postcards.

8 – Join a correspondence club. Introduce yourself online and through the mail!

9 – Collage a postcard and mail it to a friend.

10 – Mail a child in your life a special package.

11 – Write a thank you letter.

12 – Check out the postage options for your country. Send mail with some ‘non-standard’ postage.

13 – Send a ‘naked’ item.

14 – Leave a letter in your favorite book.

15 – Send international mail.

16 – Send a special (out of order, 100% surprise) package or letter to your favorite pen friend.

17 – Try a new mail – art technique.

18 – Send an Aerogram.

19 – Make a mini zine that serves as an intro letter. Mail it to some folks.

20 – Submit a penpal ad to wingedsnailmail.tumblr

21 – Fill a letter with glitter/sequins.

22 – Mail a themed package/letter.

23 – Introduce two of your penpals – via mail.

24 – Create a flat ‘friend’ to mail to your pen friends. Inspired by: creepyheartsclub.tumblr

25 – Start a traveling art journal. Fill in a few pages and mail it to a friend.

26 – Write an exceptionally long letter.

27 – Write an exceptionally short letter.

28 – Research an aspect of the postal system.

29 – Send a care package to someone you love.

30 – Create and mail a chain letter.