8 Etsy finds to show off your book love

Yesterday I saw that @CarolynQuimby posted on BuzzFeed 20 Etsy gifts for the book lover in your life. In my excitement, I wanted to share all of my finds, too! So here we are, 8 more.

Old book candle

Are your books too *new*? Does your room smell too fresh? Do you miss going to the school library just to smell the books? Then this candle is for you! (Or maybe bookstore, Sherlock’s study, trashy romance novel, Dumbledore’s office or Oxford library?)

book bookend

I have been on the hunt for the perfect bookends lately. This is a contender. Very straight to the point!

girl reading bookends

This is another gorgeous and whimsical set.

book washi tape

If you feel the need to decorate your mail, notebooks and anything else, really, for your love of books, there’s always washi tape.

library cards

I’ve always lent out books to friends. When I was a kid, I made our basement into a library and I kept track of my transactions in a binder. But since then, without binder, I’ve always forgot who takes my books and they’ve always forgot that they have them. I still somehow have two copies of Bossypants. One way I’ve tried to remedy this situation is library cards. Also, I use them in snail mail to my pen pals for lists of books and things to check out.

ex libris stamp

Another handy tool for remembering where books go is Ex Libris. Whether it’s stickers or stamps, I’m finding them all over the place these days. Give your books the quick stamp of your name and your sneaky friend will never be able to say your book is theirs ever again!

bookshelf teapot

I *had* to have this teapot covered in hand painted bookshelves. I also had to have two teacups and saucers to match. Now they sit on my bookshelf (because I am soooo meta), so who wants to have a tea and reading date with me?

matilda pouch

To sum it all up: you like books. So you like Matilda, right?

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