The Chain Letter Short Story Project

chain letter short story project

It’s been a long time since I’ve participated in a chain letter. So I want to do one again, but make it more interesting.

I want to have a letter not only get all over the world to amazing different writers/snail mailers, but I want to be able to get it back in order to show off their work. Writing is a fantastic activity, and it’ll benefit all of us by flexing this muscle a little bit. Imagine what we can come up with!

This is the chain letter short story project!

I will start and end the story – I want you to write the in between.

I am looking for 6 participants across the globe. You must be willing to:

  1. Write a page of the story. (Roughly 8.5×11 to be fair.) It must be in relation to what came before it. You can handwrite, type, stamp, whatever. As long as it’s legible!
  2. Have it in your possession for no more than 2 weeks.
  3. Email me when you get it and when you’re done with it to get the address of the next participant. And then mail it to them.
  4. If you’re posting about it online, add the tag #papertraildiary. We want to see its’ progress!
  5. NB: No other participants from Toronto/nearby. Sorry! I want this to reach out!

Once I get it back, I will type everything up to post right here! Maybe even make a zine of it. If this goes well, I’d love to make it an ongoing project.

Are you interested? Email me by Friday (June 13) at and I will let you know after then if you’ll be in this round.