Check out Gift Horse & Co., gift wrapping subscription service

Gift Horse & Co. gift wrapping subscription boxes

I love seeing how people can both make a niche for themselves in the arts and crafts industry and find a way to do what they love and make it work. That’s exactly what Corinna vanGerwen has done with her new gift wrapping subscription service, Gift Horse & Co.

Corinna hand-picks the latest and cutest styles — ribbons, tapes, papers, embellishments, tags, cards, etc — and sends them to subscribers every other month. Each month is $37 CAD.

I value being able to give a prettily-presented present (I also love alliteration). It shows an extra effort you put in to the receiver. You want them to not want to open it, because the wrapping is part of the present!

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The subscription service will come in handy especially if you don’t live near craft and gift stores, or don’t have time to go to them.

Not just your friends and family will receive pretty gifts, but you will too!

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