Dear Layoverland

Layoverland by Gabby Noone sits on seats at an airport

Dear Layoverland… ✈️

It’s been a while since I’ve posted a book review.. it’s not that I haven’t been reading (have finished 13 so far in 2020), I just haven’t had the energy or care, even though I’ve read some really good books recently. I spend all day on the computer and just don’t want to do the same at home.

Yesterday I was thinking, well what can I do that shows off books I love that’s not writing a standard review (also have thoughts and feelings on that) and something that can be a bit ~on brand~? And then I thought, I will write books letters! (And ignore spelling mistakes!)

So please see my first one here for the fantastic Layoverland by Gabby Noone, about a girl who dies in a car accident and finds herself in between life and death (which is an airport!), assigned to help people pass to heaven, and gets paired with the guy who put her there. It’s supremely clever and I really liked it.

A letter to Layoverland from The Paper Trail Diary
The text:
Dear Layoverland, I’ve always been really interested in stories about the in-between life and afterlife. I still think about Boo by Neil Smith often. I’m not a fantasy reader, but these types of stories are like fantasy to me. I’m interested in how people imagine something none of us know. It’s wild! So I was excited to read this & I was not disappointed. And what a moral quandary – a girl finding herself in the airport of in-between, destined to help guide others to heaven, only to be paired with the guy responsible for her death in a car accident. And she has to develop feelings for him too? Oh man. I felt how angry and confused she was, and I was rooting for her the whole way. But that ending was too soon for me!! >_< This was pitched for fans of The Good Place, and I agree. This was original, a complex question of humanity, and a triumph of curiosity. Xo, Jess

What do you guys think of this format?

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