Decor daydreaming

I am so excited, you guys! My boyfriend Jack and I will be moving in together for April. We found this amazing big and bright apartment and we can’t stop chattering about how we’re going to decorate it. We will have a shared office! And a living room! And a dining room! I have pretty much had all of my things in one room my whole life, so it’s going to feel amazing being able to spread out (and not feel bad about it). I can also finally get a sort of re-do with how I’d really love to have an office space where I can write, package orders, make things, write letters and brainstorm.

So, this means a lot of Pinteresting. Here are some looks I’m really swooning over.

I plan on having a white desk in a white-painted room, with the desk near a window. Perfect optimization for great photos! If I can manage to take up a whole corner, thus having a bigger desk, that’d be nice too πŸ˜‰ I also need to find a better way to store all my big rolls of paper, like a crate or basket! I really like the shelving in this photo too – like that blue unit on the wall. It’s good to be able to optimize space!

I plan on getting one of those big cube shelving units. I already have lots of those Ikea boxes but they’re just kind of overflowing on two shelves right now. This way I can space them out and organize. Plus, lots of room for shelf decor! I don’t want to get the version of the desk that’s attached to the shelf, though. I’d want the option of being able to move the desk.

I have something like this already – pictures taped up on the wall – and I think I’ll continue to do that. I hoard so many little prints (and cards that I just cut the backs off of) that I could probably take up a whole wall doing this! I just love the look of it and I love being able to see so many things that make me happy at once.

I like having lots of pretty, useful things within arms reach atΒ my desk, so finding a simple way to have things around me but not crowd me is key. Also, colour!

Oh my gosh, all that pretty organization.

I might need to do something like this.

Ok now for living room .. pretty similar to office style πŸ˜‰ But cozy is what we’re going for! I have a gray couch and dark wood furniture so I want to spruce it up with some colour.

Jack said he wants the tv to be on a shelf because he doesn’t want the whole living area to be focused on that. So maybe something like this!

It is remarkably difficult to find pictures of normal people bookshelves on Pinterest -_- we might end up with something like this, but I’m not sure. One thing I am sure of though is that I need to accept that it’s okay to have some blank space. I’m used to filling all the space I can. Now I can spread out and leave breathing room!

Gorgeous dining area. Also between us, we have 4 or 5 typewriters, so we need to find nice spots for them πŸ˜‰

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