Etsy updates!

I opened up a Paper Trail Diary Etsy shop a while ago, but didn’t put that much work into it. Now I’ve refreshed it for a 2.0 soft launch, and I want to show you what I’ve got!

So far, I have some zines and scrap paper packs available. Eventually I will add bunting, word banners, letter sets, and more. I’m open to suggestions of what you’d like to see there, too.

There are my 100g scrap paper packs:

paper trail diary scrap paper packsMost of the paper is scrapbook paper, and packages are chosen at random to mail.

My two issues of the Chain Letter Short Story Project zine:

paper trail diary chain letter short story project zine 1paper trail diary chain letter short story project zine 2The Chain Letter Short Story Project is something I started a few years ago, in which I start writing a short story, and send it to volunteers around the globe like a chain letter to keep adding on to the story, and then I finish it. I wanted to share the fun way the stories develop and so I also got the contributors to do illustrations, and put them together as zines! These both took about a year to go around the world each. I plan on starting #3 in the new year!

My Pillars of The Paper Trail Diary mini-zine collection (one on each of my blog’s four subjects!):

pillars of the paper trail diary zinesThese were sooo fun to make. They’re just my reasonings as to why each category is the bestest.

And the latest, my This is What It’s Like to be a Huge Stationery Nerd zine!:

paper trail diary stationery nerd zine

This was also super fun to do, and I did it in a night, which is unheard of for me! I think most of my readers will understand the pain I shared in these pages :p I named it the first in a Paper Trail Diary series so it’s something I’d like to keep going with, though I’m not sure with what yet! Each zine will likely be a different kind of topic. Let me know if there’s anything you’d like to see in a Paper Trail Diary zine!

These are all up on the shop to purchase now! 😉