Favourite Instagrams: Snail Mail – Pen Pal Edition!

Welcome to a new feature of The Paper Trail Diary! Every other week or so I will post about four of my favourite Instagram accounts that relate to one of the four themes of the blog. And what better way to start it off than to show you some of my pen pals? They run some of the prettiest accounts I’ve ever seen. If you ever need inspiration for your letters, or want to get into letters, just spend some time ogling their photos!

@paperedthoughts instagram


Rin is a teacher in Australia who has a great sense of colour, handwriting and inspiration. Every letter from her is full of confetti and glee! Her instagram feed perfectly reflects her mail; each picture will make you swoon. She’s recently started printing her own designs, which look really cool. I don’t think she’s selling them yet but she really should!

@cloudydaysandletters instagram


Claudia is an international relations student and barista in Spain. Her feed is full of kraft paper, lace, washi tape and pictures of all the letters she receives. I like how crafty and resourceful she is about her mail, it’s definitely inspiring. And her photos are composed so delicately. She has a great sense for what kinds of materials work together. Plus, she has clearly worked up an awesome network all over the globe!

@wreckthisgirl instagram


Fabrizia is a psychology student and graphic designer in Italy. She also is one of the founders of The Postal Society and runs the awesome blog Snail Mail Love. I adore Fab’s designs, they’re so clever and cute, I basically want her to design my entire life. I love getting letters full of little doodles! Her instagram feed is bright, creative and engaging.

@marionbcn instagram


Raquel is a hotel hostess in Sweden. When she’s not working nights, she is busily putting together what seems like hundreds of letters! I love seeing what kind of design phase she’s going through at the moment and how she implements it. Plus, she’s been teaching herself hand lettering lately and it’s fascinating to watch. Raquel’s photos are basically of either letters, her craft supplies or her kitty, which is the perfect combination.