Get ready for back to school season with these goodies

I haven’t been in school for four years, but that hasn’t stopped me from getting excited every year for back to school goodies. I am quite the huge stationery nerd (orly?) so it’s a holiday for me and my kind! Here are some of my recommendations for this great time of year.

pencil and ruler brooch

Pencil and ruler brooch

When I was a kid, I had barrettes like these that said GIRLS RULE and BOYS DROOL that made my brother very upset (whatever!), so these are a bit of a classic throwback for me.

notebook shoes

Notebook shoes

They are *so* in right now, guys.

notebook pencil case

Notebook pencil case

I have this pencil case, and I love it! It’s a great size, light and simple.

artist rubber stamps

Artist set rubber stamps

Perfect for the crafty student or teacher!

pastel highlighters

Pastel highlighters

I have been staring at these highlighters for ages and have not yet come up with a very valid reason to buy them. I think they’re much easier on the eyes than the really bright highlighters – but I don’t highlight textbooks these days. I think they’d also make for cute background colouring on cards or sections of your schedule.

pusheen notepad

Pusheen notepad

Pusheen can write and so can you!

large blossom notebook

Large blossom notebook

I ordered one of these once, and promptly spilled coffee all over it. I am still heartbroken. It’s a gorgeous, good size, thin, light notebook. Also, because it comes in different styles, you could have a whole garden for all of your courses!

pattern pens

Pattern pens

I love my pattern pens – they have a very slim point which makes for clear handwriting, come in all sorts of patterns and can clip onto my notebooks. Toronto – I’ve found these at Hanji!

antique ruler

Antique style ruler

I just got mine in the mail, and I’m in love. It fits in pencil cases and is there for me when I need to make straight lines, because god knows I can’t on my own.

rainbow washi tape

Rainbow washi tape

I will tell you to buy any colour of washi tape, really, but if you want functional and cute at the same time, you can get these slim rainbow rolls. Perfect for organization in planners, sealing envelopes and taping pictures to your walls.

better together pouches

Better together pouches

Not only could these carry your favourite supplies, but you could also use them as a travelling mailing kit or to organize your favourite stationery.

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