Have a bookish Valentine’s Day

bookish valentines day

Do you drool at the sight of books? Do you make weird noises when you open one? When you’re away from the book, do you think about it all the time? Do you make weekend plans for some one-on-one time? Do you caress the paper? You may just be in love with books. Good thing a holiday is coming up to celebrate your passion!

Simon & Schuster Canada knows how you feel. Until Valentine’s Day, they’ll be posting bookish Valentiney things on Facebook because they totally understand what you’re going through. There are romance book recommendations, chocolate recipes, Valentine templates and more!

This Valentine’s Day, I will be sharing books and my partner (although we pretty much do that every day). Jack is also a voracious reader and writer, which will forever make my heart flutter. We always read together, spend a lot of time in bookstores and talk about books. We’re moving in together in two months and I cannot wait for our collective library! Anyway, this Sunday, he decided we can go into a store and pick out a book for each other. We’ve done this once before, sort of, when we started dating – we wanted to share books that we loved – he got me a copy of James Joyce’s Dubliners and I got him Jonathan Safran Foer’s Everything is Illuminated.

books and paper

Jack also sneakily bought me that copy of The Bell Jar once when we were in a used bookstore – I mentioned I had never read it and wanted to. I didn’t even see him do it! He pulled it out of his coat after we left and I swooned forever.

I’m excited to share what we got for each other next week!

jack and jess reading

Reading together over breakfast <3

jack postage stamps

Jack at the Buffalo Public Library looking through their amazing card catalog!

Are you going to have a bookish Valentine’s Day? Here are some ideas courtesy of the interweb in case you’re feeling in short supply:

Books go well with chocolate and wine.

Harry Potter V-Day gifts!

So many literary activities.

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