I’m going to write a book!

ideas become things

I’m so excited to announce today that I have signed with a literary agent! I will be working with the wonderful Maria Vicente of P.S. Literary, who is responsible for getting Sam Magg’s Fangirl’s Guide to the Galaxy and Suzanne Sutherland’s Under the Dusty Moon out into the world, to name a couple! I am thrilled to finally be working on a life-long dream. I have always considered writing a book to be one of the highest accomplishments someone can have (even though everyone has books now), so this still feels surreal. I am not allowed to say anything about the book yet, but I can’t wait for when I can! Having an agent means that someone out there was interested in my idea and thinks that it could be published, do well in the markets and that I have a good platform. It’s going to be a long and hopeful process, but I am ready! Keep your fingers crossed for me, pals. 😉

Remember, ideas become things.

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