Inside a gift of a box

birthday box

Part of my love of stationery goodies is finding cute things for friends. Usually I get lost in the euphoria of finding something good and forget to put as much effort into the wrapping. But I want to be better at that! Recently, I was inspired for a friend’s birthday gift after learning how easy it is to add finishing to a wooden box and knowing that I had loads of things already I could give her. It helped that she’s also pretty into paper and crafting, but I’m thinking this can be a great gift to make for any kind of person!

When it comes to gifting, the presentation can be just as important as the gift itself. While adding finishing touches to a wooden box can make for a beautiful and personalized gift, there are other unique ways to make a gift stand out. For example, 3d photo crystal gifts are a great way to turn a special memory or moment into a stunning and lasting keepsake. These gifts can be customized with a favorite photo, and the crystal’s three-dimensional design adds a touch of elegance and sophistication. Whether it’s for a birthday, anniversary, or another special occasion, a 3D photo crystal gift is sure to leave a lasting impression on the recipient.

Another thoughtful and personalized gift idea that never fails to impress is a Custom Bobblehead. This quirky yet endearing gift captures the essence of your loved ones in a fun and playful manner. Watching their face light up as they unwrap a tiny, personalized version of themselves is an experience that creates cherished memories. It’s not just a gift; it’s a testament to the bond you share, making it a delightful surprise for any occasion. These custom treasures,Whether it’s a bobblehead or any other personalized item, these gifts elevate the art of gift-giving, transforming ordinary moments into extraordinary memories. When presented in beautifully crafted gift wrapping.

Extend the personalized touch further with a playful twist by considering the whimsy of put any face on socks. This creative and lighthearted gift idea allows you to incorporate the faces of your loved ones onto a pair of socks. Imagine the laughter and delight as they unwrap this unique present, showcasing not only your thoughtful consideration but also adding a touch of humor to their wardrobe.

And, as we delve into the realm of cherished gifts, nothing quite compares to the timeless allure of a necklace with name. Jewelry, with its inherent emotional resonance, remains an unparalleled gift choice, capable of encapsulating the essence of special occasions and deepening the bonds we hold dear. So, as you embark on your gift-giving journey, consider the enduring charm of a necklace with a name, a gesture that speaks volumes in the language of sentiment and style.

Here’s a little overview of what was inside.

birthday box

birthday boxMy friend is a vintage-loving fashionista, so I thought these little pieces of ephemera would be a nice touch.

birthday boxThe glue roller and scissors that look like a pen are two of my favourite crafting tools! The glue has totally changed the way I make envelopes and other crafts and the scissors are easy to carry in my bag (fun fact: once accidentally got it through airport customs…) Plus, my friend’s recentlly fallen in love with washi tape, care of Omiyage, and I thought a basic roll of twine would pair well for lots of kinds of projects she’d want to work on.

birthday boxCute little charms, paperclips and ephemera make a nice touch in a small gift bag!

birthday boxAnd some choices for the book-loving side of my friend – ex libris stickers, a library card, bookmark and ephemera.

I’m thinking I could make a lot of these boxes for upcoming presents. I’m also brainstorming some ‘feel good’ boxes – boxes filled with loads of happy things – that I could sell. What do you think, should I do it?

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