Learn Washi Style

washi styleFrom the crafty genius who delivers washi tape to you as Omiyage.ca comes a new book all about things you can do with the goods!

This comes at a particularly useful time for me, as I’ve accumulated a box-full of tapes (a lot of them from Marisa) and I only really use them for a few things: planner decor, mail decor, putting pictures up on my walls and gift wrapping. Now that I haveĀ Washi Style, there are so many projects I want to try! Marisa gives you step-by-step directions and gorgeous photography to help you achieve all the cool things she’s made.

There are more complex projects like making flowers, ribbons and jewelry, but there are also loads of little things you can do to make your surroundings and crafts a lot more colourful!

Here are a few little projects I’ve tried.

Wrapping a cute combination of tapes around a vase.

washi style

Decorating blank cards and envelopes.

washi style

Making a bookmark. Nice bonus: twine!

washi style

Using a slim tape to make one side of a clothespin cuter.

washi style

Tiny banners taped on shelves.

washi style

Gift tags.

washi styleWhat kind of washi tape projects do you like to do?