Write_on launches Indiegogo campaign for the campaign

write_on indiegogo campaign

Write_on, a campaign to promote letter-writing across the globe, is setting its goals even higher this year, but that means they need help. In order to crank the promotion up a notch, money does have to come in to play. So that’s where we, the letter lovers, come in.

The collaborative project between Egg Press and Hello!Lucky Cards sends out free letter-writing kits, which include limited edition cards designed by them and Sakura Gelly Roll Pens (you only get those if you live in the States). They want to get more kits out there this year into more eager paws. If you pledge to them, you’ll automatically get a kit, plus some pretty goodies depending on the price, such as a zine, enamel pin, tote bag, stationery set and calendar.

In general, the campaign’s goal is to take over the month of April, writing 30 letters in 30 days.

This video really does nail down why letter-writing is so lovely.

I like the designs this year a lot – they’ve decided to clearly theme them on mail, which is smart!

write_on indiegogo campaign

I am happy to support the campaign, obviously, though I would like to see more about what they are actually doing – who they are sending the kits to, etc. Are they getting into more hands of people who don’t usually write letters? I’m also intrigued about sending them to schools and events. It feels a little like we’re paying for them to ship their products to other people but we don’t know who those people are. Anyways it’s a great step towards worldwide mail domination 😉