What I Read in February 2018

paper trail diary february reads

After the great reading month I had in January, I was hoping to keep it moving, but February really slowed me down. I either felt like I was in a slump, was distracted by other things, or was too busy. I still managed almost 5 books in 28 days, so not terrible, but not as much as I was hoping for. Here’s hoping March will freshen me up! I’m not feeling very inspired by the books I have on my list right now, and I can’t really put my finger on why. Anyways, the books I did get through this month were mostly pretty good, so now let me tell you about them! (Also, I didn’t notice 3/4 had ‘me’ in the title until I put them together for the photo, ha!)

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Check out the Flow Book for Paper Lovers 5 and more

flow book paper lovers 5 paper trail diary

You guys, Flow has now made FIVE Books for Paper Lovers. FIVE. I hope they keep going forever, even though I haven’t finished the first four yet. They’re just SO. GOOD.

Admittedly their special editions like these are what I still indulge in from them, as I haven’t really read the magazine since it became more about wellness than paper fun. So I’m glad they still can stay true to their roots somewhere.

And this book might be their best yet! I know I said the last one was my favourite yet, but I am okay with this pattern. I was THRILLED when I found one in an Indigo, rather than ordering online (woof, shipping costs, just fyi) and I squealed, and continue to squeal, at every page. Take a look at why I love it so.

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What I Read in January 2018

january reads on the paper trail diary

I can’t believe it’s already basically February! January sort of slipped past me in a quiet way. And while everyone around me seems to be wishing hard for warmer weather, I am perfectly happy in my cocoon of sweaters and books, thank you very much. Whenever it snows, I rejoice (to myself).

I’ve decided to try and present my reads to you in monthly posts – so here’s what I read this month! Except for one, I really liked the books I’ve read.

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Join the Valentine’s Book Lover Postcard Swap!

Book Lover Postcard Swap Valentine's Round 2018

Barb of Rite While U Can and I are back for possibly my favourite round of the Book Lover Postcard Swap – Valentine’s Day! And this time, we’re asking you to write about a literary couple you luuuurve. Extra points if you find a bookish postcard to use!

See below for all the information regarding signing up.

Also for this round, we will pick a winner around Valentine’s Day to receive a gift of lovey stationery based on anything tagged on Instagram or Twitter with #BookLoverPostcardSwap.

My top 2017 books

paper trail diary best books 2017

As we all breathe out a sigh of relief that 2017 is over, but breathe in a hesitant breath of oh-god-what-if-2018-is-worse-but-for-now-I’ll-look-forward-to-it, whether we want to or not, it’s a time of reflection. So today, I’m coming in at the very end of the year to share my favourite books of the year, to your great luck and enjoyment!

It’s been tough figuring out this year’s list due to being indecisive on specific placements and sitting around trying to recall how I felt after reading each book, and an important part: how much I remember about them months later. If I can remember names and details still, to me, that’s huge :p I must say that my top three were rock solid in there, though. I more than loved those books, I felt them with my being. They’re the ones I haven’t stopped talking about, the ones that hit me to my core, the ones that were incredibly beautiful to me. While I do love all ten on this list for their own reasons, these three are just ingrained onto my heart.

So, my top ten 2017-published reads! *drumroll*:

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Join the Book Lover Postcard Swap – 2017 holiday edition!

book lover postcard swap holiday 2017

The Book Lover Postcard Swap is back again for our holiday round – this time the challenge is to send your partner a bookish postcard about what book(s) are on your wish list!

See the instructions on the form below. Looking forward to this!

And make sure if you’re posting about it to use #bookloverpostcardswap! This time we’re stepping it up with a giveaway – by the end of the month we’ll choose a winner out of every public post with the hashtag to receive a package of holiday stationery 😉